Sep 20, 2010

Where is your taste from?

Version 5 and 6. 

After my Meat Pie reached the U.S, I realized that I can't generate a vast improvement. That is to say, I had to make a Meat Pie many times. I thought that I can make a real one by a series of smallest things brought together. 

My girlfriend, my roommate, and I ate a lot of Meat Pies at this point because we always ate up left-over Meat Pie every time. Also, my serious eaters ate Meat Pie many times during very short period. We needed more stomachs. So, I invited several friends who are from different countries to a tasting party. So that I could listen to more opinions from different perspective.

I made two different Meat Pies at the same time because I didn't have enough time (the tasting party was on 8/28). In this time, I used different cheeses (British Sharp Cheddar and Young Parmigiano) and experimented with a different way. For example, I added dried Porcini mushroom powder. I don't want to write all details here, but I bet that you can find them easily if you make Meat Pie several times. 

At the tasting party, each eaters had a different opinion. These two pies were the most controversial. Some people said that cheddar is the best cheese for this Meat Pie and other people said that real Aussie Meat Pie is less beefy etc. I was really confused and I totally couldn't understand what the correct taste is.



Some changes were very effective, but the other changes were confused people who ate the Meat Pie.

 I had to organize the taste although each person has their sense of taste that is from their food back ground.  

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  1. Check out Chef LQ's meat pie at Bistro LQ. It's very much not a pie, more a beef "pastry", but the essence of the pie is definitely there.