Sep 10, 2010

KCRW's 2nd Annual Good Food Pie Contest

Today I write a big news in my life. 
I won "the Best Savory" and "the Best of Pies" KCRW's 2nd Annual Pie Contest last Sunday!!!

There were 5 categories of pie in the contest. I chose savory because I really wanted to win and Meat Pie is very special pie for me as I wrote in my pie description.  I had never entered any contest and I had never made Meat Pie before. I was hesitant to enter the contest, however, my friend, who suggested me to enter the contest, encouraged me.

After I decided to enter the contest, I decided to create Meat Pie because I was inspired by Flying Pie Man. I began by imaging its taste. I decided to create Italian Meat Pie because Italian food is simple and tasty. My first Meat Pie tasted like British Meat Pie although I intended to make Italian Meat Pie. 

     to be continued.


  1. Congratulations Flying Pie Man! I would love to try your meat pie! Are you going to set up shop at a farmer's market, or...? I'd also love to try try the recipe myself, if you can post it.


  2. Oops! Found the recipe!


  3. Congratulations on winning the pie contest! Your pie looks amazing. I hope you continue the blog.

  4. おめでとう! It looks so delicious. Really!

    Please email me. I am a fellow food blogger and live close to Pasadena. And I am ハーフJapanese, love to cook.