Sep 19, 2010

Beefy Beefy Beefy!

After I imagined American food, I remembered my childhood memory. 

My mother always gave my siblings and me a good food even though she didn't have money. When I was 8 years old, my parents got divorced.  After she divorced, she had two jobs day and night to raise us because she never received child support from my father. My siblings and I couldn't have nice clothes, go traveling, and take a good education unlike my friends could. However, I took a good food education from every meal. My mother always created a good meal with hard-earned money. Meanwhile, beef was very special food for us. When beef showed up our dinning table, we guessed what special day it is today. Anyway, we couldn't eat beef often. Stuffing my gut with beef steak was one of my dreams and I imagined that American people often eat a thick steak when I was a child. 

It is quite natural that I associated American food with beef. I thought how to make my Meat Pie beefy. I thought back to my memory that I ate American food in the past. Clue was in Texas food. I had eaten one of the traditional Texas foods. It was very juicy and beefy. Its secret ingredient was smokey bacon. 

Version 4. 
I used smokey bacon and replaced half of tomato can with beef broth. And also, I used beef base. I added each ingredient gropingly.

According to the serious eaters, "This is definitely Texas! What did you add?"

My serious eaters was surprised because my Meat Pie reached Texas directly without stopping any other states. They expected that I struggle and spend more time to make it beefy.

In this time, I learned that if I look for a hint, I should take cues from my past experiences, however, I couldn't achieve a vast improvement. 

"Meat Pie was not built in a day!"


  1. I think it is a smart tactic to mine your memories to find ways to customize your recipes. I haven't tried your pies, but the subtle changes that you make suggest you have a real finesse.

  2. Making a new recipe was very hard work, but I enjoyed. Thank you for your comment!