Nov 30, 2010

New Item

"Pork Belly Sukiyaki Pie"

This idea came from my food experience. A Japanese traditional food "Sukiyaki" is kind of fine food. I couldn't eat it often because ingredients are expensive especially meat in Japan. Sukiyaki was very special food on my family although I wanted to eat it more. In the U.S, I can buy meat very affordable price and make Sukiyaki for reasonable price. I want to introduce Sukiyaki to people in the U.S. by Sukiyaki pie.

I will sell "Sukiyaki Pie" at the next event!

Please come to the event and try to eat "Sukiyaki Pie"!!!

Nov 27, 2010


Today is my first baking anniversary.

Just a year ago, I started my baking life. 

I first got interested in baking was very small thing that I just watched cooking show.
I didn't know how I obsess with baking a pie when I got a stand mixer.

I'v been completely hooked on baking and it will last forever.

Thank you for giving the stand mixer for me.

Thank you all customer for giving a chance to make pies.

Thank you for everyone especially Junko, Marjorie, Sham, YT, Nick, Miho, Fero, Prof. Gerson and Hunter, KCRW Good Food, Artisanal LA, and Cheese Cave, I appreciate all your support. 

I will continue to make people happy by my pies.   

Nov 21, 2010


Necessary equipments.

-home page

-portable oven


-hot dog cart



and more...

I want to get many more CUSTOMERS!!!

and I want to make people happy with my pies!!!

Nov 10, 2010

Nov 8, 2010

Holiday Season

Halloween is over.

Thanksgiving is coming!

I will sell meat pies for Thanksgiving dinner.

I'm ready to accept your pre-order.

Please let me know how many meat pies you need.

Today, I made Flying Pie Man's mailing group.

Please join the group!

Nov 3, 2010

Chili and Cheese

I created new product!

"Chili Meat Pie"

I used Cheddar Cheese from Cheese Cave in Claremont.

They always have high quality cheese and offer many different types of cheese when I go there.

I couldn't make my pies without their cheese.

If you like cheese, you should visit Cheese Cave.

I have an information.

I'll serve this "Chili Meat Pie" @ "F.P.M Base"Pasadena this Sunday.
If you are interested in this pie, please e-mail me.