Oct 28, 2010


I'll sell my Meat Pie this Sunday!!!

5 inch Baked Meat Pie $5

5 inch Frozen Meat Pie $4.75

Please order now!

Meat Pie is limited this time.


Oct 26, 2010

Next step.

Thank you for coming Artisanal LA last weekend.

I had a great time with incredible foodies and vendors.
I can't forget this amazing event and smile on everyone's face forever.
Thank you again!

Next step.
After the event,  I set the goal of my pie business for the future. 
First, I want to change people's mind about food from the street food level.
Second, I want to provide more people with the organic food for affordable street food price.
Third, I want to change the street food movement in L.A.
Although these are big deals, I believe that I can do it.

Please tell me your opinion about street food and organic food.

Oct 24, 2010

Artisanal LA day2

We were sold out today.

Thank you for eating my Meat pie.

See you at next event!

If you are interested in signing up for my mailing list, please e-mail me.


Artisanal LA

Thank you so much for coming to Artisanal LA and trying my meat pies.
I was sooo happy to see you eating mypie.Please tell me what do you think about my pie.
Today I sold 150 pies and all sold out. I'll sell 150 pies tomorrow too.

I hope to see you there.

Thank you again!!!