About Me

I have opened this blog to share my stories as I continue to create more amazing pies in the U.S.! I'm looking for a sponsor to bring my pies to many people. I want to make people happy with my pies!

My pies are inspired by the exploits of "The Flying Pie Man," an Englishman who emigrated to Australia in 1829.
He was famous for his delectable meat-pies, which he sold to passengers on the Paramatta Steamer.  Once on land, he would meet those same passengers and sell them more of his creations.  The ferry riders were amazed and amused by his daring gastronomical exploits.

In this same spirit, my pie is made to amaze you!  I make them to capture the the essence of all great meat pies - a light flaky crust, crunchy, earthy vegetables, the intoxicating umami of mushrooms, and, of course, a juicy beef filling.  As a nod to the original Flying Pie Man's English roots, the bottom crust is a mash of Yukon Gold potatoes flecked with Parsley.

I hope you enjoy them!