Oct 26, 2010

Next step.

Thank you for coming Artisanal LA last weekend.

I had a great time with incredible foodies and vendors.
I can't forget this amazing event and smile on everyone's face forever.
Thank you again!

Next step.
After the event,  I set the goal of my pie business for the future. 
First, I want to change people's mind about food from the street food level.
Second, I want to provide more people with the organic food for affordable street food price.
Third, I want to change the street food movement in L.A.
Although these are big deals, I believe that I can do it.

Please tell me your opinion about street food and organic food.


  1. I believe that you can do it!
    because your pie has a lot of potential energy!It already moved my mind~!!

  2. Your pie was absolutely delicious! You can do it!