Sep 12, 2010

Meat Pie 2

Version 2.

"My Meat Pie sank deep under the Straits of Dover." 

I changed some ingredients to make it more Italian pie that I imagined. I used more fresh Basil, good quality of Parmesan cheese, and Italian parsley. And also I changed a can of tomatoes. My friends tasted my meat pie (I call them "serious eaters"), and said "it's not bad, but there are many things that you have to change." I had no idea why my Meat Pie sank in the Straits of Dover. It was totally different from what my imagined. 

I thought about Meat Pie all the time even when I was in a class. "What's the simple?" "How to make simple and tasty Meat Pie?"

The key word was "SIMPLE".
Th most important thing to make Italian food is using the goodness of each ingredient as Italian cook book taught me. 

I made mistake that I put a lot of Italian ingredients without careful consideration. 

At the moment, I felt that I got the Euro Star ticket to travel from UK to Italy!

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