Sep 15, 2010

Englishman made a Meat Pie for Italian.

Version 3.

After coming up from under the sea, I cut and changed some ingredients. 
For example, I didn't use a lemon zest this time. Last two times, I added lemon zest in a mashed potato because I thought that lemon zest flavor makes more flavorous. However, it was not effective. Another example is that  I sliced a cheese and used more. I shaved a cheese last two times because I wanted to make enough flavor and taste with less cheese. Although I could saved my money (the cheese is pretty expensive!), I couldn't get enough flavor. So, I was thinking the word "SIMPLE", when I made the version 3. 

This time, I had a tasting party again. After eating, my serious eaters said "This is Italian Meat Pie!" I thought that I could reach Rome, and at the same time, I lost my goal. However, my serious eaters gave next destination. One of the serious eaters said "This Meat Pie was made by Englishman for Italian. How about making Meat Pie for American?" I realized that here is not Italy. 


I set my goal, the U.S. 

I decided to go toward N.Y first. 
Could I get across the Atlantic Ocean directly? 

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