Sep 9, 2010

Flying Pie Man from Japan

I'm from Japan and living in Pasadena. I spend a lot of time to make a pie. Today I write how my pie baking history was started.

Last November, I watched the TV program, "food network" for the first time when I visited O.C. I haven't had a TV since I came here on September. 4. 2009 because I can't spend my money to buy TV. Anyway, I was surprised by one thing that the chef used.  I had never seen the machine in my life. Suddenly, I wanted to use the machine without knowing the uses. After a few days, I got the machine, then I started to think what I could make with it. I decided to make my favorite American food... PIE!!! I had never made a pie in my life at the time. So, I learned how to make a pie from books and websites. My first pie was not only good, but also ignited my passion for making a pie. Moreover, I wanted to bring my pie to people, because a pie is able to make people happy.

My dream is to continue to make amazing pies for people in the U.S.  It's very difficult for me, but I want to achieve my goal!

I'm going to post my baking story.

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